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OCNSMP A multi-year plan to address selenium and nutrient issues in the Newport Bay watershed
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The NSMP Working Group consists of staff level technical representatives of watershed stakeholders that include state, county, and city agencies, water districts, and private entities that have agreed to fund and implement a Work Plan to address selenium and nitrogen groundwater-related inflows in the Newport Bay watershed. The Working Group was created in response to an NDPES permit issued by the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (R8-2004-0021) to regulate short-term groundwater-related discharges. Since the adoption of the Order in December 2004, the Working Group has met frequently to launch the compliance effort, known as the Nitrogen and Selenium Management Program (NSMP).

As of December 2013, the NSMP Working Group consists of the following fourteen (14) members:

Additionally, the Working Group realizes that public participation and input is an integral component of the implementation of the Work Plan. Therefore, as part of its public participation strategy, the Working Group also provides for "Participating Member" positions. Participating members are not members of the Working Group per se, but are involved in all discussions and decisions of the Working Group, with the exception of funding decisions related to the Work Plan. Unlike Working Group members, Participating Members are not required to financially contribute to the Work Plan.

As of December 2013, the Participating Members include: